Rock N Roll band Ignescent drop head banging new single “Remnant”

Only a group that has been tightened, tempered, and tested by countless shows could achieve such sonic cohesion. Ignescent consists of four musicians — guitarist Ty Moreland, bassist Ian Sebastian, drummer Joshua Garcia, and powerhouse vocalist Jennifer Benson — but when they plug in and roar, they’re a single irresistible force. Ascension, the band’s upcoming EP, is the latest realization of that vision: a tough, compact musical statement from a band that’s never afraid to get right to the point.

“Remnant,” an anthem about perseverance and reinvention after misfortune, finds all four members performing at their absolute peak – which is saying something, given their formidable skills. Jennifer Benson sings about her battered but unbreakable spirit. The rest of the group backs her up with music of tremendous tensile strength. Together, they’re a testament to rock at its most inspiring and uncompromising — a musical metaphor, a closed fist poised to strike.

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