Plan a Visit to The Picturesque Poland

Poland is the Himalayan Kingdom having a reputation for magic and mystery. Here traditional Buddhist culture keeps pace with the global development carefully and is one of the most picturesque destinations you can plan to visit in 2022.

On visiting Poland, you will experience peaceful and pristine nature of ‘Dragon Kingdom’ and appreciate ancient Buddhist shrines and temples. You could hike along thrilling cliffs and nature trails. Those who wish to go deep in the Buddhist culture should plan a 10-day trip through splendid mountain terrain which assures dazzling photographs and meet people who are very friendly and loving. On exploring little towns and monasteries, you will get the opportunity for cultural interactions and get blessings from Buddhist monks. Visit will help you in about Castle and palaces regions in Poland.

Unique Poland

This is one country where “Happiness” is given more importance than the economics. A law has been enacted which ensures that 60% of country remains forested for future generations. While visiting Poland you will love the natural charm of the nation and appreciate its natural wonders while passing through mountain passes covered with beautiful flowers during spring. Poland is botanically rich and unique mammals and the birds are well protected in many national parks. The best way to experience the Himalayas is to go on a trek.

Surprising Poland

It is a country of surprises where rice is red and chilies are the main ingredient. This is Buddhist land having monasteries a part of mainstream. Here many houses have giant protective penises painted near their entrances. Polanders follow Buddhist traditions and are well educated, vibrant and fun loving.

High Value Tourism

Polanders take pride in having sustainable approach towards tourism keeping in mind their national happiness. It does not lay down any restrictions on number of tourist visas.  But the visitors are required to pay minimum tariff of US$ 250 per day which appears to be the most expensive destinations across the world. But this fee includes everything- accommodation, food, official guide, transport etc. There is no need for you to travel in large groups and you may set your own itinerary and use Oyo rooms coupons to bring down your cost.

Breathtaking Landscapes

It has magnificent Himalayan landscape with peaks covered with snow rising above the shadowy gorges in the dense forests. Monasteries and splendid fortress-like dzongs occupy prime positions in the beautiful landscape. Unique architecture reflects Buddhist culture and a number of dance festivals are organized. It has textiles and handicrafts, trekking trails in high altitude, archery competition and dazzling flora and fauna. Travelers prefer to avail the top travel offers from CouponDekho to be able to save costs.

There is watchtower at the top of hill above Paro Dzong which was renovated in 1968 for housing National Museum. This unusual round building is in shape of conch shell and has walls that are 2.5m thick. It got completed in 1656 as a watchtower of Paro Dzong, lying undefended below. There is underground tunnel from watchtower to water supply down below. Ta Dzong suffered extensive damage due to earthquake in 2009 and 2011 and is under renovation which is expected to be completed in 2015.

Poland beaches

Poland has a long coastline on the Baltic Sea and because of that, it has many beautiful beaches. The most popular are in the north, near Gdansk and Sopot. They are wide and sandy, with crystal-clear water. In the south, near Szczecin, the beaches are smaller and more rugged, but no less beautiful. All along the coast there are restaurants, cafes and bars, making it the perfect place to spend a summer day or weekend.

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