Complete guide to sapphire engagement ring

Sapphires ornaments and rings have set their trends in the fashion world. They are admired widely and usually considered as the substitute for diamonds. The diamonds are rare and worthy gemstones. 

It is founded in many countries but mostly found in Kashmir, Burma, and Sri Lanka, but it is also obtained from Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India. Sapphire has a wide range of colors besides the fact that diamond is the king of gemstones, but sapphires have their charms and beauty. 

Sapphire has a vogue history. You might gave seen, sapphire fixated on vintage ornaments, on the queen’s crown, or fixed on the turbans of the sultans. It’s always a rare and royal gemstone. Many ladies are obsessed with sapphire engagement rings, although it got popular since prince Charles gifted the sapphire ring to princess Diana. 

But nowadays, women are wearing it more frequently because of its characteristics and appearance that derives the royalty feel if you want your hands on the sapphire ring for your loved one. Before that, you need to have complete knowledge about the sapphire gemstone. 

So here in this article, we will discuss some of the essential information related to sapphire gemstone and sapphire rings;

What are Sapphires?

The sapphires are mixed with Corundum and many other minerals, consisting of aluminum oxide found on the Earth’s surface. The Corundum is the essential element of the sapphire gemstone. The rubies fall in the same category of minerals as the sapphires fall in. The sapphire consists of rainbow colors because it excludes the trace minerals despite the Corundum itself being a colorless mineral. 

Sapphires are primarily imagined in the blueish color, but its color family belongs to the unique colors ranges and has different tones, characteristics, and styles in various cuts. All the colors are slightly different in aspect from each other.

The sapphire is also associated with faithfulness, wisdom, and truth. The sapphires have the highest rating on the Moh’s Hardness Scale up to 9, placing it on the second most used and durable gemstone after diamond. 

These gemstones have successfully passed all tests and predicted that this gemstone is a durable gemstone that does not damage, crack, scratch, chip after harsh use. 

Also, after testing, under long-term durability, it is placed on the second gemstone after diamonds.

Sapphire’s rarity and scarcity make it more inclusive and worthless. For jewel purposes, sometimes the jewelers use the treated sapphires, which are lab-grown, but many antique and rare pieces are fixated with the natural sapphires. 

Wondering what the difference between Natural sapphire and treated Sapphires?

Silicon is the changing element. If it is not added to the crystal structure, it forms the corundum gemstone, and in real our Earth has an ample quantity of silicon in the Earth’s crust. That creates when silicon is not present in the crystal structure. Natural sapphires are extremely rare because there is zero silicone in them. 

So ultimately, the natural colored sapphire is rarer to find on the earth’s surface. So most of the stones are heated to Natural vivid sapphires are even rarer, so the vast majority are heated to process color saturation and decrease unwanted colors from the rock before cutting the stone. 

These heat treatments have been common in practice for ages and enhance the stone’s clarity. The heating process also shrinks the size of the stone and discriminates all the imperfections in the sapphire ring

One more thing to remember is that natural colored sapphires are more expensive than heat-treated sapphires. Usually, heat-treated sapphires are used most commonly among corundum stones. The heat-treated sapphires cost entirety in different ranges, which depends on the color of the sapphire that you want. The sapphires are examined on the four significant pointers that are as follows;

  • Color 
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat weight

These 4Cs of Sapphires are used to indicate the price of the sapphires.

Why are sapphire rings setting new fashion trends?

Sapphires’ beauty attracts the viewer’s eyes with its ethereal and mesmerizing hues. The rainbow-colored gemstones have their uniqueness and properties. Sapphire rings are becoming common among new weds-to-be couples because of their symbology and characteristics. 

People widely admire its futuristic take on fashion as engagement rings or wedding rings. Now the fashion of diamonds is getting old, although diamonds are invariably the first-most choice while thinking about engagement or wedding. Now preferences are changing rapidly, and there has been excellent traction among people related to sapphire ornaments. 

The sapphire ring is usually bought and worn by many ladies over the country. Many people admired it for various reasons. So these are the factors that make the sapphire engagement rings admirable and worthy.

  • Sapphire symbology; sapphires symbolize love, faithfulness, and truth. It provides the wearer with the most positive energy. It increases the wearer’s wisdom and makes you look more attractive and elegant. 
  • Sapphire mesmerizing hues; you will get a great range of sapphire engagement rings such as green sapphire engagement ring, Yellow sapphire engagement ring, Pink sapphire engagement ring, Blue sapphire engagement ring, and White sapphire engagement ring. But among all these rings blue sapphire ring has its beauty. 
  • Sapphire are Durable; it’s the most durable gemstone. You can quickly wear it on your active days; instead, it’s easily manufactured without chipping, scratching, and cracking.
  • Easily cleaned and polished; with some water and mild soap, you can easily wash them and make them look perfect by keeping them secured in the jewel box. 
  • Always styled perfectly; it can be reshaped into any design and cut quickly without cracking and scratching. 
  • Looks more fashionable than diamond, no doubt! The popping colors always look attractive to the eyes and create a new look to your wedding attire. 

Final words 

Some of the stones are commonly used as engagement rings among the rubies; moonstone, sapphire, and alexandrite are included. These are known as the rarest and precious stones that all have their characteristics and unique qualities and properties, but sapphire is most common these days. If you are entirely into it, the above guide increases your knowledge. 

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