Choosing the best security camera installation in New Jersey

We are entering 2022 and the need to have the best technology in our homes is becoming more and more present. And since we cannot deny the advances in technology, we bring you the most recommended smart accessories for your home, which will not only make your life easier but will also protect you and your loved ones. Here is why we choose Security iCam as the best security camera installation in New Jersey

This time we will talk about the accessories offered by a well-known company called Security iCam, which offers security and protection equipment for homes and businesses in New Jersey. They are a company that has years of work experience and whose online references are impeccable, so we know that they are a winning and reliable option.

What are the smart accessories of Security iCam?

  • Video doorbell

The first of the accessories is a Video Doorbell that will help you guard your home from strangers. It is an easy to install monitor and camera that contains a speaker and a microphone, through which you can see and communicate with people without having to expose yourself to them. It has a high-quality camera that transmits HD images, with a system compatible with any security network, and also contains an internal card that will save you any kind of monthly payment for space that other devices need.

Not only that, but it also has night vision, and you can connect to the camera from any phone with an Android or iOS system. Without a doubt, a gem!

  • Smart lock door

One of the accessories that will be most useful to you daily will probably be this one. It is a smart key system that you can manage through the Security iCam application without much trouble. With this system, you will be able to open and close the doors of your home without the need for a physical key. You can simply use your cell phone to open and give access to your home to whoever you want, even if you are not at home. You can monitor who enters and leaves in real-time and save it on your phone. Personalize access for family and friends, and secure your doors with the highest level of security according to professionals.

Goodbye to the days of being locked out because you don’t have a key! With this system, everything will be easier.

  • Smart light and Smart thermostat

Two accessories that will make your life much easier in just one step, the Security iCam smart lights and thermostat, are elements that will allow you to control from a distance directly from your phone what happens and does not happen in your home.

In principle, with the lights, you will be able to avoid leaving your home in the dark if you go out and arrive late at night. With just a couple of clicks on the Security iCam app, your lights will be perfectly on, and you can even set the app to turn them on at a certain time each day, more than simple.

And attached to that we have the smart thermostat which you can manage the same from the application. You can turn it on and off at your whim, what better than to get home and that it has the perfect temperature to rest from a long day? Definitely, a dream come true.

  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detector 

Being a security company, this company is concerned about offering smart, functional accessories that also take care of your home, which is why they have these wonderful devices that are monitored 24 hours a day, and whose functionality you can check through the app at any time.

This accessory is designed to detect any slightest level of smoke or strange appearance of carbon monoxide and alert you immediately. With this equipment, if you have puppies, you can open the doors and let them out of danger, in addition to alerting the relevant authorities. You reduce possible damage or loss without taking any risk.

  • Water leak detector

Last but not least, this detector will make the bad times you have had with floods go away. How many times have you gone through situations where if you had arrived a little earlier, everything would have been easier? Well, that is what this small equipment solves. 

It is a small detector that you can place on the floor near any bathtub, dishwasher, or faucet you have. And no matter how much time passes, if at any time there is a pot of water you will receive an immediate notification on your cell phone with which you can minimize as much as possible the damage that water can cause in your home. It is a system monitored around the clock and in real-time that will save you a lot of trouble and above all material or monetary losses.

These are some accessories you can get to make your home a little more up to date, make your life easier, and protect your home by taking advantage of technological advances. Security iCam also has a security camera and alarm packages that you can install with the help of its team of professionals without fear of wasting your money on an empty investment. 

Remember that your home is your resting place, where you and your family should feel safe and comfortable, so we recommend everything thinking about your benefit. 

Be sure to take a look at the other accessories available in this company and take advantage of each of them! Stay safe, choose Security iCam!

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