Isaiah Thomas also goes by the name SIAHH, he was born on 1 October 1994. SIAHH spent his childhood in Brooklyn, Newyork. There he was raised in an apartment development by the name of Glenwood houses. SIAHH experienced things that a usual child in a “normal home” would never encounter, his childhood was different from many of us. It is very difficult to live in poverty, having your closest friend being exposed to the victims of gang violence. This led him to create a burning desire for success.

To do better for himself he attempted to flee by pursuing a career as a basketball player. All his dreams were crushed after seeing the politics of the sport. He stayed strong and started exploring more things, and came stronger than ever introducing the world with his new talent.

All these unfortunate events led him to take a step forward in his life; he started singing, painting, writing, and producing music. Not only does he sing and rap but SIAHH also has a talent for producing and songwriting. His latest released and upcoming song were produced and the lyrics were written by himself, with the help of his co-producer Aj Andrew Jagganath, and Engineering are done by Andrew Jagannath and SIAHH himself. SIAHH is the Elon musk Kobe Bryant of the music.

Music is something that not everyone is capable of doing, music is a way of expressing emotions and for those who listen to music, it should awaken those emotions in them. SIAHH has released quite a few singles ever since then and the most successful is “Red Trippin ”. SIAHH, is EXTREMELY Innovative, EXTREMELY Motivated, Extremely Hungry, And works in extrem guidance and accordance to his soul. You can stream his tracks on Apple Music.

SIAHH started 2022 with A sharp knowledge of making new memories and a change of lifestyle for the better. He dropped the book of SIAHH on 1 January 2022,featuring SIAHH and Andrew Jagganath TreyNR who is his little brother and his real name is Andrew Thomas. His brother is a huge inspiration for SIAHH to continue this passion. SIAHH’s spark of success is because of his brother’s faith in him. His brother was there with him in his darkest time, when people doubted him he had his brother back. His brother never let him down. Now he will also be introducing their talent to the rest of the world. They represent NRLIFE the label, NRLIFE the brand. NRLIFE is the brand.

SIAHH drop his other album THE WORLD IS IN (Y²)OUR HANDS on 2 February 2022, this is the motivation for all to see that no matter who you are, where you are in the present, it does not reflect what you can become when you believe in yourself. This song also features “The Game” TreyNR and others, but that’s all for now.

SIAHH’s third drop is set to release on 3 March 2022, This is about how he was able to see past all the obstacles and how he remained resilient through everything. How he was able to see past his environment of the project in Brooklyn, NY. Music saved his mind, his family.

His music is available on all streaming platforms to click here to check it out on Spotify. Also, follow the great artist on siahhmolan for more details about him. 

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