Science Fiction Film “Morning” Wakes Up with the Casting of Benedict Cumberbatch, Laura Dern and Noah Jupe

At the end of a long week, most of us look forward to unwinding by spending time with loved ones, eating some good food, drinking some soft wine and – most importantly – catching up on some much needed sleep. Nothing charges the old batteries better than an uninterrupted night of riding the Dream Stream alongside Little Nemo, a salient fact that’s as true now as it ever has been. But what if there was a pill that did away with our basic human need for sleep; would you take it? Your days would be lengthened and opened up and deadlines would become a thing of the past (unless we use that extra time to procrastinate even more than is normal). How much would our world improve if every human mind was on constant alertness, our senses never dulled by fatigue and exhaustion?

 Our 40 Cups of Coffee pals over at The Hollywood Reporter tell us today that a film with that intriguing concept – take a pill, don’t need sleep – is forthcoming from director Justin Kurzel (Nitram, Snowtown) and what’s more, he’s bringing along for the sleepless ride a mighty fine ensemble of actors in the form of Benedict Cumberbatch (1917, The Power of the Dog), Noah Jupe (A Quiet Place, Honey Boy) and Laura Dern (Marriage Story, Wild At Heart).

According to the official synopsis, Morning takes place not in a galaxy far, far away, but rather in our own world in a time that is not too far apart from or own here and now. Society has produced a miraculous pill that does away with any need to sleep. An artificial sun adds to the potency of the pill, reinforcing the thought that no work day is ever interrupted by nightfall. Questions begin to arise however with a new generation that questions the lack of sleep. Will sleep make a comeback via some rebellious minds?

Written by scribe Sam Steiner, Morning found a champion in Benedict Cumberbatch and Adam Ackland and their production house SunnyMarch who optioned the rights for the screenplay. The head of SunnyMarch, Leah Clarke, will also produce. Laura Dern is also getting in on the action, executive producing alongside Cumberbatch and Jayme Lemons.

 We’re still awaiting word on a release date for Morning, but this one looks worth checking out when it finally does land in theaters worldwide!

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