Artist Spotlight: Who is Singer and Songwriter Remiray?

Who is musical artist REMIRAY, real name Ndam Remi Nde. He was born on August 14th, 1990, in Bamenda, Cameroon. The name REMIRAY is a fusion between Remi- his middle name, and his late mother’s nickname for him, Ray. He grew up in a house full of incredibly talented singers and performers, creating lasting influences on him. However, music didn’t really find him until his high school years when he discovered his own talents.

He moved to Canada, in 2016, to attend college. Throughout that time, he found himself daydreaming about being an artist. While he was working towards a degree in pharmacy, he would ghostwrite for local afrobeat artists, exposing himself to the industry. It was in 2017 that he decided to take his chances and pursue a singing career, full-time. He knew that he wanted to make a difference through his music. REMIRAY, the artist, was officially born when he was invited to help co-write a song with a local artist. The artist had asked him to sing the parts he had written, which turned into an offer for REMIRAY to feature on the song. He accepted and Excuse Moi was released. The experience inspired him to start writing and recording his own music. He started gaining widespread popularity in 2018 when Petit Pays, a legendary Cameroonian singer, featured on his song Back to Back. This was a turning point for artist REMIRAY, to see his hard work paying off. REMIRAY has many talents, but the one he loves about himself is his writing ability. In fact, ALL his songs have been written by him. His entire Love Expression album, all him!

There are many challenges one will face in trying to break into the music industry. A big challenge REMIRAY had to overcome, as a newcomer, was being taken seriously in the afro-beats music scene. And just getting his music to be heard. With little musical network contacts, he had to find a way to tap into an overpopulated music scene. It may be cliche to say, but hard work will pay off. He has said that hard work and being persistent were what helped him face the many challenges throughout his career. This can be a tough industry and one must be resilient, strong, and consistent. Be prepared to hear more no’s than yes’, and at times more doors seem to be closing than opening, but one cannot give up. For REMIRAY confidence is the key to success and he first had to believe in himself as an artist to be where he is today.

He has deep-rooted ties with Cameroonian music styles as well as other influences from other African nations, and now Canada. He believes that as an artist he adds, passion, culture, openness, belief in unity, through his music. He’s always trying to inspire, move, and bring people together with his music. He remains passionate and a big supporter of his hometown Batibo and Cameroon. He is a humanitarian. Always trying to bring awareness to his Country and the people, its musical impact, and its entire beauty. While he sees himself as a Canadian, he will always appreciate his home in Cameroon.

He measures his success by looking at where he started and where he is today. Growth equals success. He can speak from the truth in that he has personally experienced a lot of growth since coming on to the music scene. Being able to realize one’s growth is what will make you appreciate the hard work that was put in. Words from REMIRAY, “never stop appreciating yourself, recognizing your hard work and thanking yourself. You are your biggest fan, motivator, and supporter. Forever remain positive and believe in what you do.

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