Gustavo Bravetti’s “Babel” Arrives Through Virgin Germany

Taking a highly popular viral song that has featured heavily across TikTok of late is Virgin Germany, who have just released “Babel,” a tune masterfully put together by the enigma known as Gustavo Bravetti.

Taking more than three decades of experience making not only music but inventions and performing magic, the man in the tall black hat has drawn on his own inspiration from the film with the same title to create a thoroughly unique sound. Re-making “Babel”’s sample himself and carving out unreal cinematic energy by means of drawn-out introduction and steadily rising drum beats, Bravetti ensures this record will not go unnoticed.

He shares: “The core idea for the track came up while watching the movie Babel for the second time. The melody is on the ending credits, which I missed the first time I saw it. I immediately fell In love with its melancholic foreign flavors and wanted to contrast it with a deep-visceral bass. The result went beyond expectations.”

You can take a listen to “Babel” in full here. 

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