FIMPRO ends with  a bang

Day 3 started off slow but accelerated as the day moved on.  We had another presentation by TikTok, this one virtual with Bruses, Yina Roe, Frank White Canva and moderated by Gabriel Llanon of TikTok.  The presentation featured the three artists who talked about how they used TikTok to get their music in front of large audiences despite the enormous amount of content uploaded every day(30K songs a day on Spotify).

Next was a virtual discussion by Sociedades de Gestión Colectiva – music management companies –   of the problems and mechanisms to insure that royalties get to artist. Speakers included Julio Haro of Comercial de Somexfon, Adolfo Tapia of SACM and Ivonne Sleman Valdes of ANDI.

Altafonte conducted a virtual conference on urban music to delve into today’s  urban music.  Speakers included  Alex Gárgolas, a renowned producer  of stars such as Nicky Jam and Daddy Yankee, and to one of the greatest experts in the field, Carlos Cervantes, who currently works as Label & Artists Marketing Manager at Spotify.

The afternoon saw a live conference in the cavernous Carlos Fuentes Bookstore called  “Day by Day” –  music and the environment.  Speakers Caloncho and Altiplano have worked on projects that emphasize caring for the environment and conceiving music as an engine of change. “From the trees”, the reforestation and maintenance campaign carried out during 2019, was aimed at cleaning up the Querétaro River, partnered with  the ALOFT hotel chain. Caloncho fans  joined the artist in the cleaning specific areas.   This resulted in the  environmental blog Día a Día. This work has led them to receive the recognition of Music Mexico for Social Transformation.

Things heated up when were allowed to go to the outside venue, a throwback to the years when all the FIMPRO showcases were held in the Santander Ensemble of Performing Arts – Promenade.  The music was  high energy, ranging from big tropical to alt rock.  The event was sponsored by a tequila distiller and a local beer franchise, and waiters circulated making sure everyone had their fill of free margaritas extra añejo or beer.

The talent blew me away.  Starting with La Pacifican Power, a very big tropical band from Columbia that rocked and cumbia’d and danced and swayed combing beats and melodies and forms from many bands and various parts of the country. Papina de Palma of Uruguay brought the audience a little closer with her songs about everyday life, delivered with tenderness and style.

 My favorite that night was Ella Contra El Tigre (She Fights the Tiger).  Originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, Ella Contra el Tigre is a female- led rock, shoegaze, psychedelia and stoner rock band that lit up the promenade with flaming guitar riffs, cinematic bass notes and wicked drumming.  I saw the band at breakfast the next day and told them they blew me away and got handed a CD, which I will review.

Lorena Blume  of Peru, followed,  one of the youngest members of the evening lineup.  She is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose music was simply mesmerizing, whether she was on a guitar, cajon, or just vocals.  Dripping with emotion, but seemingly innocent, she held the usually boisterous and noisy crow almost silent. I want more of her music!

Paola Navarrete from Ecuador reminded me of the Marias. Smooth, cool, emotional-laden rock that moved the crowd and drew cheers after every song. Standing tall in front f her keyboard as the band rocked behind her, she wailed and soared and wrapped up FIMPRO 2021 with a bang.

Actually , FIPRO2021 was not quite wrapped up.  FIMPRO after party concerts were held at various clubs around Guadalajara.  I went to the blowout (until 3 a m) at the Centro Culture Breton and danced to Nancy Sanchez, La Charro, and Lukas O. and Semifinalistas, Check my YouTube page later this week for many many videos.

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