LIVESTREAM REVIEW: Yanin Saavedra 7 April 2020, Facebook Live

Celebrated Mexican folk/pop singer Yanin Saavedra dipped her toe into livestreaming today as a dry run for more concerts to come.  If the first attempt is this good, the rest of the series will be a must see.  She has not announced dates yet, but will do so on her socials.  The concert was free and there was no tip jar.

The livestream was indoors against a busy mandala background.  Lighting was good, but flat;  the lack of shadow definition did not adequately reveal her stunning good and caused the auto focus on her Ipad camera to lose sharpness.  She began the concert with a large microphone which did not work well despite an earlier promotion video, so she eliminated it  – a double bonus because it allowed us to see her very lovely face unblocked by a large mic and mic stand. Sound without the mic was more than adequate although there was a tiny bit of  “empty room” echo.

Since this was her first livestream and a kind of test for more to come, the audience totaled only 28, from the both US and Mexico.  Audience interaction was high – they were dedicated fans and they loved her.  She sang from her recent album Búsqueda.  She noted that one song, “Impermanente”, seemed to sum up everyone’s condition right now.  The conversation with the audience was mostly in Spanish, but she started out in English and talked in English to the gringos on the comments panel.  All in all, the conversation and the music flowed happily.

Despite the first-time learning curve, Saavedra’s beautiful voice and shining personality carried off her first foray into livestreaming quite well.  Although it was just her, a guitar and a computer, her performance made her heart and smile feel like they came through the screen.  Virtually everyone who signed in stayed through the entire 40-minute concert and gave her a lot of applause.  Key and fill lighting and a lavalier mic should make the sound sparkle the way it does in her live concerts. She is now working on both

For those who may not know her, Yanin Saavedra is a Mexican singer-songwriter born in Guadalajara who spent time playing and learning in Europe – a period of her life that has greatly influenced her music.  She sings in French, English and Spanish and writes music that combines the feel and rhythms of Mexico and the Continent.  Coupled with a unique voice that has a curl to it that enables her to shift from dream pop to folk to a French cabaret in the same set. She has not announced the date of her next concert, so follow her socials for the date and time. It is time very well spent.

Yanin Saavedra 


Instagram                    @yaninmusic

The livestream is run from her fan site on Facebook which can be found at @yaninsaavedra

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