Lets first find out the insights about KBC before we move on to its customer support services.


Through KBC official website participants can easily navigate about KBC process and rounds. In 2002, KBC was first premiered on television and hosted by Bollywood’s famous actor Amitabh Bachan. One of the major reasons behind the popularity of this show is also due to it is hosted by India’s famous Bollywood celebrity. Since that time, he is still hosting this show with his full dedication. The game in present providing an opportunity for the participants to win around 7 crore INR. alongside the tv game show, KBC also arrange lotteries and lucky draws. Another season of this show is held in 2021. The KBC is presented by Sony tv entertainment and through Sony’s official website, you can check show timings and other information. Also, other show timings can also be checked which will going to be telecasted on that day. KBC lottery number check plays important role as well.


The game show KBC is aired on India’s popular and top-rated entertainment channel where also you can watch other drama serials and comedy shows. Now the, KBC official website also aired the episodes of its show. In 2020, the tagline was developed for this show by “sapnon ke udaan ko! No break”. The KBC official website is highly user friendly and you can easily navigate through the website without any difficulty. from the past to the present, all the details and history of KBC is mentioned on the official website. through the contact page, the users can easily contact for any type of query and direct contact to the organization. On their official website, warnings are written to stay aware of fraud websites and fake calls. So, everything is kept orderly and considerable on their official website.

The KBC official website also provides live chat support feature as well where one can contact easily with their customer support representative with in less than a minute. Also, the WhatsApp number and details are mentioned there for contact. The customer support is available 24/7. Most of the times when you are searching for KBC official head office number, some fake websites will provide you an incorrect or untrustworthy information. However, you always need to be aware of these scam websites. Always visit KBC official website for any information regarding lottery, because their official website will always give you correct and accurate information.


  • Each time you call KBC head quarter, the representative will directly come to the point without wasting any time so always try to finish as soon as possible.
  • The officials will never ask you for any type of money deposit. So, if the caller asks you for money deposit, its fake.

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